Day one over, day two about to begin!

It’s 22:49 and half of the bike tour participants are already sleeping, preparing their tired bodies for another day of cycling. It seems like years ago that we left Ulm, but it was only this morning – it has been a very busy day!

We left Ulm on time at 8.30pm and were joined by a local Green politician who cycled with us. The total distance we covered today was around 76 km. The team split up in to three groups, making it easier to keep track of who was where – as well as to allow people to cycle at a comfortable pace!


The countryside was very beautiful and it made all the acheing thighs and sore bums worthwhile.


At lunch time, we carried out some actions and campaigning in the town of Ehingen. We met local press and, once again, spoke to many members of the public. Like in Ulm, we also collected many more signatures for the Aktion Aufschrei petition!

There was even some time for exploring the countryside with its adorable little rivers, wetlands and limestone formations, as well as watching storks build their nests and fly over the yellow rape-seed fields.


We also got a taste of local culture by spending some time with singing Germans in a pub and saw some very beautiful baroque churches on the way. By the time we got to the beautiful half-timbered town of Riedlingen, it was already 7 pm – just in time for a small city tour, some pizza and hot showers before falling dead asleep. Tomorrow, we look forward to some more cycling and more spreading our message!

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