Participants are arriving in Germany!

Michelle from the US has already landed in Germany and after some days in Düsseldorf andRothenburg, she arrived in Ulm today.

Gerli and Maie from Estonia have also arrived and met up with Michelle in Ulm for a first evening of that great IPPNW Bike Tour togetherness.

Meanwhile, Apram and Arashdeep from India have landed in Munich and will stay with Dominik before making their way west.

Already very much looking forward to seeing everyone in Ulm tomorrow!


3 responses to “Participants are arriving in Germany!

  1. I wish to appreciate the courage and patriotism of all the Participants at the Bike tour. The importance of this endeavour will go a long way to drum support for a world free from weapons of mass destruction.
    Peace, Ime John

  2. Hej Folks!
    Welcome to Germany, the land of Goethe, Schiller and of small arms production 😉
    I am mentally on the road, too and I hope you will arrive safe and healthy in Villingen!

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