Before we begin…

Taking their protest against small arms trade to the streets, 30 young IPPNW activists from all over the world will cycle from the German arms manufacturer Walther in Ulm to the small Black Forest town of Villingen, where IPPNW is organizing the Small Arms Congress “Human Target”. From 26th May until 30th May, the bikers will meet politicians, organize public demonstrations, give interviews and spread information on the impact of the Global Arms trade in the region.

We will start in the small Ulm, a city on the Danube, famous for it’s Gothic minster and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein. But Ulm is also the headquarter for one of the biggest German arms manufacturers, Walther arms.

With a distance of about 200km, we will take the beautiful bike tour along the Danube (Donau) river,  passing through the Black Forest all the way to Villingen, where the conference will take place.

This Blog will give all of you the opportunity to accompany us on our journey. So bookmark this site, post or share it and follow our adventures next week…


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